Sunday, 4 March 2018

Songs of Experience: Brock's Confirmation of the Thesis

A poster called Brock clearly felt inspired by our ongoing discussion about the respective merits/demerits of European/Anglo women to lay some hard-won wisdom on us:

Can totally confirm the good advice the expats have been giving here about not just the advantages, but the necessity for ambitious, wealthy, high skilled, professional, intelligent and/or aspiring or just commonsense men in the Anglosphere--or just women who see the increasing feminazism of Anglo countries to be crazy--to expatriate. There really isn't any other option.

I think most of the expat meetups are wrapping up now but we've had a lot of discussion and food-for-thought based on the things you and the bloggers were writing here, one of our presenters even put up a seminar on how the civil law in Europe, Asia and non-Anglo Americas is like the "ultimate prenup"! It really does protect you from damage from a divorce and it instantly squashes all the timesup and metoo hysteria that's overwhelming Canada, the United States and the Anglo world.

I can also speak from personal experience, some partners and I moved to Sweden over a decade ago, totally fortuitous work reasons, and those of us who got divorced lost nothing, we came out completely unharmed compared to our unfortunate brothers in the US.

It's not advertised a whole lot but Sweden is the high-tech mecca of the current century now. You can actually make comparable money as in Silicon Valley or Seattle in Sweden's tech start-ups and incubators, not only in Stockholm, yet for much more manageable cost of living than the Bay Area or Washington State, and you can get Swedish and EU citizenship if you stay at it. Plus lots of venture capital and state support, much better than the US or Canada. I actually worked at Microsoft for a while while several of my business partners worked or contracted with Google, FB, Oracle, Apple or other big or small tech firms, but when we set out to start our own companies, Sweden actually made some good offers. (Chile's another good place for that and now Germany, France and even Holland are also inviting tech entrepreneurs with similar grants.)

None of us were thinking much about divorce or prenups at first, but after a while, several of us got married in Sweden. I got married to a gorgeous Swedish girl from Uppsala (university town), my main business partner to an American wife who came with him to Sweden.

I wound up having 3 kids and my partner 2 kids with his wife, and we both got divorced. The long hours took a toll, and my business partner had an affair after the stress got to be too much. We were nervous about it since we knew of cases of Americans back in the US being wiped out from divorce, paying out the nose for alimony 30 years later. And yes, we did know of 2 guys back in the US, both well-off, who wound up in prison when their job situations went bad and child support and alimony got to be too much! US family courts haven’t the littlest clue about earning money and how people out in the real word do it, they just assume you can wake up and be a millionaire without trying, and then when you can’t, they throw you into prison for it!

But in Sweden? Divorce is almost painless. They despise the very concept of alimony in Sweden and neither of us had to pay any of it, even though we made far more than our wives. Custodial assignment is generally joint, so there wasn't even an issue of child support at all-- my ex-wife and I both contribute to raising our kids. Both of our exes were immediately expected to look for work after the divorce and with some state help, they did find jobs, though we voluntarily chip in when needed for the kids (nothing state enforced). We didn't lose our homes or our cars.

And remember, this is Sweden, supposedly the world capital of feminism. No messy divorces here, no timesup or metoo hysteria, no ruined lives after marriage. Some anon commenters say feminism is a problem outside the Anglosphere, but it really isn't, the "feminism" in the Anglosphere is more like "feminazism", it's malicious, scornful, hate-filled, nasty, ugly and harsh. In Europe, Asia, the non-Anglo Americas, what passes for "feminism" is a whole different animal. It's not zero-sum or hate-filed or shrill like you see in the US. It's just more about spreading more opportunities. (IMHO it would be a whole lot better in fact for Africa and the Middle East to have more feminism, women there really are terribly oppressed, and the unsustainable birth rate and overpopulation in much of the 3rd world is due to too little of the right kind of feminism if anything).

Many of my old work partners stayed in the US or Canada and got married. Huge, huge mistake. The ones who got divorced got wiped out, lost their homes and their hard-won assets, barely get to see their kids. Most are paying out the nose for alimony for ungrateful bitch exes who pluck their hard earned bank accounts dry. Child support is brutal and it's true, it doesn't support the kids, it's basically a scam and racket for the ex-wives to live high on the hog, plus the courts, judges, state treasuries that also get fat with a percentage of the child support and alimony money. Even my old partners who've stayed married in America are miserable, they live in constant fear of losing everything if the wives just decide to file for divorce on a whim, the husbands have all the responsibility and yet none of the power or benefits. Even the wives and ex-wives are usually miserable, US feminazism has warped them and ruined true relationships and families. Nowsadays, no need to even marry to experience this misery, one false accusation by a female colleague at work in the US or in Canada and right there, your career is over, you won't get another job and then you'll have the joy of being sued for sexual misconduct, losing what meager remaining savings you have.

Tbh I feel like a guy has to be ignorant, a masochist, a cuck or just dumb to even think about getting married or having a kid in the Anglosphere. Especially the USA, Canada, Britain or South Africa. Just don't do it. I mean, sure, if you're dirt poor with no skills or prospects, then fine, get married because you have nothing to lose. (Even then I'd caution against it, your situation might change.) But if you have skills? A good job? Make good money? Have a car and nice house? Have some savings? A good education? Family money? Good work ethic? Entrepreneurial? Just want rationality and fairness in a marriage, and to be able to raise your kids? You'd have to be crazy to get married or start a family in the United States. Or Canada. Or anywhere else in the Anglosphere. You'd be putting everything you've earned on the line for no prospect of gain.

Work in the US or Anglosphere if you have to, but don't marry or have a kid, instead save your money, sell your assets and build a nest egg to expatriate. Or if you're already married, move out as soon as you can. Nowsadays, I don't even think it's worth it to stay and work in the Anglosphere anymore. You can make very good money, often better overseas, especially in Europe and Asia but even some parts of the non-Anglo Americas, depending on what you do.

All with much more reasonable cost of living instead of the bloated inflated prices of everything in the US nowsadays. With better women about anywhere you go, though yes if you bring an American girl here she'll tend to become less bitchy in big part because she can't get anything out of divorce, they don't have the circling vulture lawyers here because they don't have anything like the USA's divorce court here, or the profit motive connected to it. You get better health care too. And there's paid maternity and paternity leave plus 6 weeks vacation so you can be with your kids, but the taxes are around the same total amount as in the USA, because they don't just piss away all their tax dollars pretending to be imperialists, throwing trillions away in near east wars or giving trillions for Wall Street bankers with political connections to waste on hookers and crack. So whether you've saved up money or are starting your career or education, just move out of the Anglosphere. It's just not worth the devastating risk to your finances and well being to marry or have a kid in the US or UK, and you'll have a better quality of life in almost any industrialized first world country elsewhere, and even a lot of still not so advanced countries too, especially in the non-Anglo Americas!

BTW I hope some of you guys are able to write newspaper and magazine articles or even books or web guides on all the wisdom you've been putting up here since the expat meetups got going. All the info you've been putting up particularly on the civil law advantages of the countries not in the Anglosphere, especially the guys with law and law enforcement experience, just pure gold! I know guys in the US, Britain and Canada and South Africa especially are desperate for this kind of good info, since the MSM media is too politically correct to even get into this issue. This is bestseller material!

My own book Foreign Shores is presently being revised in the light of these brilliant revelations about the Civil-Common law distinction. At last, we have the Rosetta Stone that explains the uniquely misandrist nature of gender-relations in the Anglosphere. Of course, there are other differences (Anglo Puritanism and its associated feminazism, for instance) but Anglo-American Common Law is clearly the 'secret gate' via which Anglo feminism has eroded society and made it unliveable for men. 

When I started this blog I always believed I would find a pasture greener than all others, and guide men to it. The thought that these expatriation meetings are openly quoting the words and ideas expressed on this blog is frankly intoxicating and the living fruition of my dreams. I am very interested in these American 'expat meetups' described by Brock; if anyone wants to post more information about their content and context, feel free to do so.

Not here you won't, ladies!